The Main Link Peer Support Services

Community Integration Activities
Peer Support Services are available to adult mental health consumers who are referred by either the County Office of Mental Health or other clinical provider. Peer Support Workers are individuals in recovery who have experienced mental health difficulties and can serve as role models who demonstrate that recovery is possible.  Members who show natural peer support are employed to work with others to find opportunities that promote recovery and community integration. The Main Link has offered this service since 2002 and employs both certified and non-certified peer support workers.

Forensic Peer Support
The Main Link Forensic Peer Support Team focuses on cultivating a supportive and resourceful relationship with individuals incarcerated in our county correctional facility. The team provides weekly peer support to inmates, information about community resources and updates on issues that may be of interest to mental health consumers. Group dialogue centers on recovery, recidivism education (the revolving door), co-occurring disorder and ways to work on personal mental health recovery and goal planning. Post release services include assistance navigating the community and meeting parole and probation requirements.

Outreach teams visit older mental health consumers in nursing and personal care homes. They also offer a group at the local Behavioral Science Center facility to share information about recovery, peer support and the activities offered at The Main Link. Other teams make regular visits to the Clarks Summit State Hospital patients.