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Abington Counseling Center
12 Main St
Towanda PA 18848
Telephone: 570-430-0521

Allied Services
703 S Elmer Ave, St 108
Sayre Pa 18840
Telephone: 570-888-4881
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm Allied Services is the leading provider of healthcare and human services for northeastern Pennsylvanians with disabilities and chronic illness. As a not-for-profit corporation, we work to advance the health, independence and life quality of our consumers and of the people of our region. Throughout its 53-year history, Allied has been guided by a commitment to delivering compassionate care of the highest quality.

114 Main St
Wyalusing PA 18853
Telephone: 570-746-6003

BSC Robert Parker Hospital
1 Guthrie Square
Sayre PA 18840
Telephone: 570-882-5119

Telephone: 570-268-2908

Community Care
Telephone: 570-496-1372
At Community Care, our goal is to improve the health and well-being of the community through delivery of effective and accessible behavioral health services.

Towanda PA 18848
Telephone: 570-268-3073
Through teamwork, cultural awareness and quality personalized services, CONCERN promotes respect, self-worth and trust in individuals and fosters the growth of healthy, responsible and productive community members.

Crossroads Counseling
501 E. Third St
Williamsport PA 17701
Lycoming County

Harbor Counseling
7095 Rt 287
Wellsboro PA 16901
Telephone: (570) 724-527
Our staff is committed to providing you an opportunity to take a true look at drug abuse and other issues that may be of current concern to you, and making a strong push to solve them.

Northwest Human Services
703 S. Elmer Avenue, Suite 115
Sayre Pa 18840
Telephone: 570-888-0051
With a rich tradition spanning almost 50 years, NHS is at the forefront of providing care and services to people with special needs. Today NHS, through its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of community-based, non-profit education and human services. More than 10,000 employees provide care to almost 40,000 adults and children throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Louisiana, and Michigan. NHS has developed a unique continuum of care providing services in the areas of mental health, addictive diseases, education, foster care and permanency, autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and many more specialized programs.

Targeted Case Management
220 Main St, Unit 1
Towanda Pa 18848
Telephone: 570-265-1760
The mission of the County Offices of Mental Health is to ensure that every adult and elder with a serious mental illness and/or addictive disease, and every child and adolescent who abuses substances, and/or has a serious emotional disturbance will have the opportunity for recovery, growth, and inclusion in their community, have access to services and supports of their choice, and enjoy a quality of life that includes family and friends. This agency provides services and planning for the provision of services for individuals needing mental health supports and services.

The Main Link
17 Pine St
Towanda Pa 18848
Telephone: 570-265-0620
The Community Support program provides peer support, guidance, recreation, advocacy and linkages with mental health services for mental health consumers. This is accomplished through The Main Link, a support center run for and by mental health consumers. The success of The Main Link serves to combat the stigma of mental illness and greatly enhances the mental health services of the community.